World-renowned golf courses are raving fans of BioBoost.

Metedeconk National Golf Club had a persistent problem in one of our ponds, having a high iron concentration, which caused the water to have orange color throughout, with poor clarity and quality. Traditional rubber membrane diffusers had been deployed for years, but never successfully attacked the problem.

Upon learning about Blue Planet’s BioBoost Air Diffuser Enhancement System, I decided to bring the technology in and see what impact, if any, it could make on cleaning up this pond. Within a few weeks, I saw positive change, and within a few months, the results were dramatic, and noticed by many people who had commented for years about the pond’s nasty appearance. The rust has been almost entirely eradicated and the water has unbelievable clarity.

The support from Blue Planet has been available at all times and I intend to increase my use of BioBoost throughout other ponds at Metedeconk, having recently installed the system in a second pond, which replicates some of the same issues as the first trial pond.

I am very pleased with the results we have achieved and recommend BioBoost for those interested in the next generation of subsurface aeration.

Arron McCurdy, Superintendent
50 Hannah Hill Road
Jackson, NJ 08527

PGA West is always curious about new water aeration technologies entering the market, especially since the science has remained the same for many years.

When we learned about the recently launched “BioBoost Enhanced Aeration System” from Blue Planet Environmental, we decided to test it our Nicklaus Private course. We chose this particular location because it was a larger lake that had been re-sculpted into 2 identical water bodies. It was an ideal site for a test pond and control pond, one using BioBoost, the other using EP aeration. Rather than discard the EP, since it is a high quality wagon wheel design, BioBoost was retrofitted over it in the test pond.

The conditions of the two ponds at the start were identical, sharing limited clarity, algae buildup and light odor. Within 3 weeks, the BioBoost pond began to show improvements when compared to the control pond, eliminating odor, improving clarity and diminishing the algae.

Standing at the pond’s edge, the differences were significant. Examining both ponds after 12 weeks, it was clear the BioBoost had resulted in significantly better water quality. As well, the control pond had much heavier vegetative growth, with none evident in the BioBoost pond.

I will begin other BioBoost installations, choosing ponds that have been particularly difficult to remediate, as well as installations for preventative purposes.

John Maddern, President
GCSAA Hi Lo Desert Chapter
Director of Agronomy
PGA West

We met the Blue Planet Environmental team at the Golf Industry Show in February 2015. They were introducing a new subsurface aeration system, BioBoost, which they believed could be helpful in remediating a pond at Sebonack which has been historically challenging, particularly in the summer months, with algae buildup and an offensive odor.

The installation was done in April. Within 30 days there was an improvement in the water clarity of the pond. Through July and August there was no odor from the pond, and no algae formation occurred during the most vulnerable months of July and August, in a summer when algae formation proliferated.

Sebonack’s desire is to follow a remediation strategy that will allow it to be as green as possible. The design of BioBoost supports this strategy by introducing new features to traditional air diffusers. The system enhances the dispersion and contact time of the oxygen bubbles in the water, along with providing a media that encourages the growth of biological activity.

In light of the ostensible benefits derived from BioBoost, we have decided to purchase a system for our two ponds. Thank you Blue Planet.

Sebonack Golf Course
Southampton, NY 11968

I have been using the BioBoost Air Diffuser Enhancement System for six months now and I could not be happier with Blue Planet’s aeration system. BioBoost is responsible for preventing outbreaks of microcystic algae, as well as fish kills and foul odors, which we have experienced in the past, especially during the hot summer months.

I have and will continue to recommend BioBoost to other professionals in our industry.

Thank you.

Gerry Tarsitano, Superintendent
80-440 Hideaway Club Dr.
La Quinta, CA 92253

Historically, the pond along fairway # 4 experiences a buildup of algae, diminished clarity and foul odor. Del Mar Country Club members and residents continuously expressed their dislike of the smell and appearance, which is both distracting and bothersome. I have made many attempts to eradicate this summer event with traditional methods, but all have failed to resolve these issues.

I was introduced to a new, proprietary method of aeration, Blue Planet Environmental’s BioBoost Air Diffuser Enhancement System. It captured my interest for several reasons.

First, BioBoost was subsurface, which is a mandatory requirement for our golf course ponds, reducing the possibility of attracting water fowl.

Second, the selling points of the BioBoost technology intrigued me, because they made sense. I recognized the current diffuser performance was tried and true, but besides changing shape and materials over the years, the product remained the same. BioBoost was the result of many years of R & D, and offered a product that dramatically improved the performance of aeration. The air coming from a diffuser is captured and forced through proprietary media, improving the length of time the oxygen is in contact with the water, as well as results in a greater dispersion area and mixing of the water column. In addition, the BioBoost provides a haven for good biological activity, fostering the growth of healthy bacteria, which are critical for the natural remediation of water.

BioBoost was installed in March 2015, in preparation for the buildup of organics and summer heat, hoping to get the water as healthy as possible, before the hottest weather commenced. Within a month there was a distinct difference in the pond…the algae was gone! The water clarity improved, and most importantly, as we now move into October, BioBoost prevented the odor. This is the first year I can remember not receiving one complaint from our membership and homeowners, about the disturbing smell, since there was none! I consider this a home run!

BioBoost had the capability to retrofit into my already existing diffuser infrastructure of compressors and airlines. I also had the option to install an entirely new system, for my water bodies without aeration.

Bottom line, BioBoost is taking age-old science and bringing it up many levels. I am very pleased with the performance and the benefits derived from this product and I will recommend it to anyone that may ask.

Nick Affre, Superintendent
6001 Clubhouse Drive
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

Historically one of the ponds at the PGA WEST / La Quinta Resort Dunes golf course experienced issues including occasional foul odors, fish kills, algae and poor clarity. It was discovered through water testing, that there was minimal dissolved oxygen content in the water, along with high levels of other biological and chemical components that contributed to poor water quality and complaints from the Home Owners Association (HOA) and guests.

At the Golf Course Superintendents National Convention we were introduced to a new technology, Blue Planet Environmental Inc.’s OxyIsland. Blue Planet offered a method of aeration that was unique from others in the industry, and something we had not been previously exposed to.

Following an installation that is now over a year old we are very pleased with the outcome of the trial. The benefits the OxyIslands have brought to our pond include:

  • Increased levels of Dissolved Oxygen
  • Reduction in Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand
  • Eradication of fish kills that have historically occurred annually
  • Prevention of unpleasant odors
  • Improved water clarity
  • Appearance of a higher level of aquatic life
  • Support of the HOA, with frequent comments regarding the positive aesthetic value the technology has brought to their surroundings

We incorporated the OxyIslands into our Audubon International recertification program. This furthers our continuing commitment to adopting environmentally friendly solutions that reduce chemical usage and promote a positive trend in lake management at our facility.

Dean Miller, Director of Agronomy
79-811 Avenue 54
La Quinta, California 92253

We have 14 ponds on our property some of which have typical diffusers while others have decorative fountains. We had one problematic pond in particular which periodically has foul odors, algae, poor clarity and fish kills. After a fish kill in 2014 we decided something needed to be done. After looking at standard aeration I was introduced to a new product called BioBoost which really made sense. Typical aeration systems are outdated and inefficient and this pond needed something new and improved. BioBoost not only provides subsurface aeration but unlike any other product available, it cleans like a biofilter by giving beneficial bacteria a place to live. By keeping the bubble submerged longer and increasing the rising water column, it dissolves more oxygen into the water and moves more water.

After hearing the presentation we decided to upgrade to this new innovative system. It was installed in July 2015 and since then we have not had one fish kill and the pond has remained odor free and healthy. The BioBoost team has been very responsive and follow up regularly to ensure it is operating properly.

Ken Levi, Superintendent
13040 Cross Creek Blvd.
Fort Myers, Florida