How BioBoost Home Works

Oxygen Is Our Element

Increase Water's Oxygen

The advanced aeration of BioBoost Home is far more efficient than conventional aeration systems, which have not improved in decades. By breaking up and separating bubbles, rise-time and oxygen transfer are increased. Also, by dramatically increasing the area of the rising water column, BioBoost Home creates greater turbulence throughout the water eliminating stratification and promoting off-gassing.

Nurture Beneficial Bacteria

BioBoost Home's media becomes a nest for beneficial bacteria, providing structure for it to proliferate. With an unlimited food source from the constantly circulating water and increased oxygen, the microbes can out-compete algae by starving it of its food source - the organic pollutants in the water. Algae cycling can be stopped while reducing the need for chemical application.

The ONLY subsurface water aeration system that combines these two powerful synergies.

Photographs of the beneficial bacteria biofilm buildup in the BioBoost Home media

Goodbye Chemicals!

Healthy water doesn't need chemicals to maintain its natural balance. BioBoost Home breaks your chemical dependency, so you can enjoy an environmentally friendly home pond.