What makes BioBoost Home different from standard aerators?

Please view our 90 second animated video for a comprehensive overview of our water aeration system.

How soon do I see a change in my water quality?

There is no set answer to this question, since it varies from pond to pond. There are many factors responsible for poor quality issues in a pond. BioBoost Home provides your greatest tool in combating and resolving these problems. There is no other subsurface water aeration product that provides the enhanced oxygen as well as a home (the media) to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria. The combination of these two synergies gives you the greatest opportunity for success in gaining or maintaining good water quality.

How does wildlife, such as fish, respond to BioBoost Home?

They love BioBoost Home! You will often see them congregate around the unit’s media, since most ponds can always use more aeration and BioBoost Home brings more oxygen to the water. And that pleases the fish! BioBoost Home keeps the water moving, and helps to prevent water stratification, which is when a pond flips, creating a state of oxygen void in one of the layers of the water, which leads to a fish kill. BioBoost Home is an excellent preventative measure to employ.

What is beneficial bacteria and how do I get it?

Beneficial bacteria are friendly microbes that are naturally present in the water. We are discovering the important role they play in a pond’s health. The BioBoost Home media provides a place for the microbes to nest in, promoting their growth. They compete with algae and other detrimental organisms for the nutrients in the water. As their numbers increase, the beneficial bacteria can effectively decrease the availability of food to algae, therefore impacting their ability to prosper. There are some excellent sources of bacteria available from a number of vendors, and we highly recommend adding additional microbes to the water, since BioBoost Home will allow them to flourish.

What other equipment do I need to make BioBoost Home operational?

BioBoost Home requirements are the same as with any other water aeration system. A compressor, weighted airline, manifold, fittings. Everything you need for your BioBoost Home installation is included in the complete system. Please see our installation video for detailed information and visuals.

Who installs BioBoost Home?

Most often BioBoost Home is installed by the home owner or their home landscape professionals who service their property. See our detailed installation information here. If additional information is needed, please call our customer service telephone number, (212) 605-0363, or email info@bioboost.ca.

How long does a BioBoost Home installation take?

It should not take more than an hour or two; it is relatively simple.

How does BioBoost Home go into the pond?

Depending on the size of the pond, a boat may be used to drop BioBoost Home overboard, where it sinks to the bottom. The weighted legs will keep the system in place. For shallower ponds, and most smaller residential ponds, it can often be walked out.