About Vector Industries...

In 1969, a group of community and civic leaders in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia launched Vector Industries with the mission to operate a business that trains and employs people with diverse disabilities to enable them to reach their potential as productive community members.

The approach is unique. Vector Industries operates as a non-profit business, partnering with a number of business and industrial clients in Virginia and throughout the country to provide services including assembly, logistics and operational support. Since its inception, Vector has provided pride, purpose and a paycheck to thousands of employees in the area.

Located in Waynesboro, Vector Industries is a valuable resource for outsourcing projects that require a team of highly qualified and uniquely specialized individuals. With an 82,000-square-foot facility, Vector Industries has the space to handle small and large scale projects. From helping breweries with packaging their variety packs to forming retail displays to handling intricate mechanical assemblies, Vector Industries has found a niche in performing those tasks that companies desire to outsource because of either space or labor limitations.

Vector employees handle a number of aspects of the revolutionary Bioboost including packaging the parts and shipping the product.

For more information visit www.vectorindustries.org or give them a call at (804) 943-8444.